Law Enforcement High-Performance Resuscitation Train-the-Trainer Course Fairfax, VA July 22nd & 23rd


Law Enforcement High-Performance Resuscitation Train-the-Trainer

July 22nd-23rd, 2024

0800-1800 Hours

Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy

14601 Lee Rd Chantilly, VA 20151


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This high-performance law enforcement resuscitation course is an innovative training program for sworn peace officers which interweaves didactic and tactile learning phases with reality-based training scenarios designed to enhance officers’ lifesaving skills under stress. The course provides up-to-date science and research to ensure law enforcement is provided the high-performance resuscitation training needed for incorporation in the field.

This course provides realistic field conditions custom-created for law enforcement officers to increase survival and brain outcomes of time-sensitive medical emergencies like cardiac arrest, uncontrolled bleeding, overdoses, excited delirium, and officer down incidents. This course uses evaluators, actors, real-time feedback manikins, bleeding simulators, training Narcan and more to enhance and evaluate student’s lifesaving abilities. This course is “Train the trainer” style and will give students the principles, concepts, education materials, to go back and train fellow first responders’ high-performance resuscitation.

Day 1-Students will enhance and measure their lifesaving skills through 3 phases of learning classroom, hands on skills building, and reality-based training scenarios (cardio-cerebral resuscitation, emergency hemorrhage control, overdose reversal, excited delirium, drownings, motor vehicle accidents, TCCC/Officer Down, etc).

Day 2-Students will learn how to structure their training, be provided principles, concepts, safety and legal considerations for building their agency’s resuscitation training. Students will instruct and run their own scenarios incorporating law enforcement high-performance resuscitation. Students will be given training templates and curriculum to bring back to their agencies along with the proven ability to run the training.

LEAD INSTRUCTORS: Founder & CEO Brandon Griffith, Director of Training Tim Freund